Our Coaches


Kirsten White

Organizer - USA FIT Lincoln

Wow! I cannot believe this will be my 7th year of involvement with USA FIT. A number of years ago, I developed a chronic pain condition that prevented me from the simplest of tasks (including standing up straight, as well as walking), and I was beyond frustrated. I refused to let my body get the better of me, so I set out to walk my first half marathon.

My target race took place only a couple of months from my initial decision. It was quite a lofty goal, especially since I training by myself (by way of books/internet resources) and didn’t have a single idea what I was doing.

Race day: about mile 10, I was miserable. SO cold, wet, in pain, blistered, you name it.  Thoughts filled my head of the warm, dry hotel I could return to. I didn’t “have” to complete the race, right? At just the time when I was about to quit and return to the hotel, a motorcycle escort rode past me, leading the way for the first marathon-distance wheelchair racer.

As the athlete flew past me, I was humbled. Here was a man with no legs doing double the distance I was trying to finish. This was a life-changing moment for me.  What right did I have to feel sorry for myself? I continued the last three miles, and completed my first-ever half marathon. Crossing the finish line was AMAZING.  I caught the race bug.

When I returned home, I searched for a local training program, where I could be properly trained for my next race.  This is when I discovered USA FIT!

What a blessing USA FIT has been. I started off as a member, then became a coach. When I relocated out of state, I decided to organize my own USA FIT program.  I have completed 20 half marathons and three marathons. I am now consistently running an 8:30 min./mile pace, and my next goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

USA FIT has been the vehicle in which I am training safely. But more importantly, USA FIT has provided the social and emotional support that I needed. Nothing compares to walking or running in a group of a similar ability level; the friends you make will keep you coming back to training week after week, and together, you will complete a race! Completing a race will lay the foundation of belief in yourself that ANYTHING is possible!